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Division 5 employees a full staff of Structural and Miscellaneous detailers. We offer the highest level of automation and design available in 3D modeling with SDS/2 detailing software.

With unparalleled connection design intelligence and high-quality drawing production, SDS/2 allows us to manage the job with maximum efficiency. Having this department in-house gives Division 5 a competitive edge over its competitors who may sub this portion out. We are able to provide a seamless transition between departments and the ability to quickly make corrections when necessary.

Detailing is the most critical aspect of any job, and its proper execution is the foundation of a successfully executed project.  Using advanced detailing software, our trained SDS/2 detailers work to interpret engineered drawings and convert them into shop drawings for our fabricators and erectors.  The successful execution of the detailing process sets each project on the proper course and gives our fabricators and project managers confidence behind every weld and connection.


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